Sample characterization by ASC-TC

ASC-TC provides measurement services for industry and academia. With our state-of-the-art instruments, we can quickly and accurately determine several thermal parameters of liquid and solid samples. Heat capacity, enthalpy, and thermal conductivity can be determined over a considerable range of temperature.

Determination of specific heat capacity and enthalpy by ASC

Our core business and specialty is high-resolution calorimetry to determine the temperature dependence of the heat capacity and enthalpy of liquid and solid samples. For this, we rely on our unique adiabatic scanning calorimeters, which have a high resolution in both temperature and heat capacity.

The high temperature resolution allows to separate features in the mK (millikelvin) range. The basic accuracy of the absolute value of the specific heat and enthalpy is about 1%, with resolution a fraction of that. ASCs can handle sample quantities varying from several gram to about 1 mg.

A particular and unique feature of adiabatic scanning calorimeters is that they measure the enthalpy independently of the heat capacity. Contrary to other types of calorimeters, no integration of the heat capacity is required, leading to accurate and continuous enthalpy curves, in addition to the heat capacity data.

While adiabatic scanning calorimeters are general purpose instruments, they excel in many fields in comparison with other calorimetric techniques. In particular, we focus on applications in these fields: phase transitions, purity analysis, absolute values.

Determination of thermal conductivity

ASC-TC also offers a measurement service for the thermal conductivity of materials, either by standard hot plate methods (down to cryogenic temperatures), by the hot ball method, by photothermal techniques or by a combination of these methods and ASC measurements.

pASC calorimeters

Built-to-order pASC instruments

In the near future we will offer built-to-order pASCs for purchase.

Leasing pASC instruments

In the near future we will offer pASCs for lease with or without the option for purchase.